We are already onto our next adventure.
Located in Madison Park
Cafe Parco

Thank you for joining us this past six and half years.
94 Stewart Restaurant has been sold!
Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 was our final day of business.
The new owners of the space have opened Kastoori Grill

Requested Items:
Fried Avocado Recipe

Fondue Recipe - From the never published Celebrated Chefs page

Yes, we will honor any unexpired 94 Stewart issued certificates at Cafe Parco.
No, you do not need to call or email us to ask if we'll take them.
Yes, we will accept them at Cafe Parco as payment.

Simply put it in the check presenter and it will be applied to your total.
Promotional certificates provide no change back, be sure to use them all.
As they have no value they do not cover gratuities as well. Plan accordingly... remember you are eating for free, thank your server.

Groupons ended with 94.
Please avoid such promotions as they are never good for a business that you want to see succeed.